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NYSORA Nerve Block Manual: Deluxe Signed Edition

NYSORA Nerve Block Manual: Deluxe Signed Edition

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NYSORA’s Deluxe Signed Edition Nerve Block Manual is more than a bestseller—it's a work of art. Following rave reviews from peers who cherished the softcover on Amazon, we've decided to give birth to the Deluxe Edition which boasts a robust hardcover, housed in a custom box adorned with raised, plasticized color artwork. The Deluxe version is not only the most popular anesthesiology book but an emblem of sophistication. Let it grace your coffee table with its unmatched elegance. If the soft cover graces your shelf, complete your set with the Deluxe Edition—a fusion of educational excellence and aesthetic allure; a true collector's delight!

NYSORA Nerve Block Manual: The Ultimate Guide to Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Nerve Blocks

Here’s the definitive guide to mastering ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks (PNBs) and fascial injections. This manual effortlessly combines the science with the finesse of art, providing you with clinically proven techniques that guarantee success. Access a practical, standardized approach that prioritizes your patients' safety and results, ensuring you deliver top-tier care every time. 

What You'll Discover Inside:

Unlock consistent results with time-tested, ultrasound-guided techniques in the NYSORA Manual. Benefit from:

A stunning design: Worthy of your coffee table.

Practical Tips: Implement practical insights straight into your clinical practice, boosting efficiency and outcomes.

Clear Instructions: Access rich knowledge without the clutter of excessive literature.

Engaging Design: Marrying medicine and art, the manual is thoughtfully crafted for optimal understanding.

Illustrative Guidance: Comprehensive illustrations and unique Reverse Ultrasound Anatomy help you get a clear grasp on sonoanatomy's clinical relevance.

All-inclusive Techniques: Describes practical anesthesia procedures for the entire body in a simple, step-wise manner

Decision-Making Tools: Use intuitive algorithms to streamline your clinical decisions.

Innovative Blend: Integrate traditional methods with modern tech for safer, successful regional anesthesia.

Whether a seasoned expert or a newcomer to the field, the NYSORA Nerve Block Manual refines your approach to anesthesia; it is an essential guide to your collection.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews:

My go-to for everything related to nerve blocks! Dr. Max Feinstein, USA

Exactly what I needed! Dr. Kay Warnott, USA

Exact and concrete useful information! Superior pictures and tips. Dr. Andy De Baerdemaeker, Belgium

Un libro impeccable! Dr. Gustavo Adolfo Beas Magdaleno, Mexico

Ein absolut empfehlenswertes Buch! Dr. K Vranjevac, Germany

Top aktuell, state of art! Dr. Helmut Farcher, Germany

Highly recommend this for anyone interested in nerve blocks. Dr. Passoni, UK

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Charalampos Martinos

Congrats for this great work.
The manual with the upper and lower atlas makes this work complete.

Benedikt Puelacher

NYSORA Nerve Block Manual: Deluxe Signed Edition

Powerful and inspiring

The beautiful anatomical illustrations, along with the accompanying photos of probe placement sites and ultrasound images, were extremely clear and met my expectations. If possible, I would love to see the ‘Proximal lateral approach to US-guided sciatic nerve block,’ which is my preferred technique, included in the next edition.

Jan Novak

Excellent service

Yale Smith
NYSORA Nerve block manual

Amazing book with all you need. Anatomy, local anesthetic block meds and u/s photos

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